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[texts]True Detective Mysteries, March 1930
True Detective MysteriesVol. XII, No. 6. March 1930Publisher: New Metropolitan Fiction, Inc., Dunellen, NJ
Keywords: true crime magazine; Joesph Wendling; Alma Kellner; Frank Silsby; Three Fingered Jack; Herbert Fuller; John Snowden
Downloads: 426
[texts]True Detective Mysteries, June 1928
True Detective MysteriesVol. IX, No. 3. June 1928Publisher: New Metropolitan Fiction, Inc., Dunellen, NJ
Keywords: true crime magazine; Charles Ponzi; Lowell Ames Norris; Boston Billy Williams; Henri Bluebeard Landru
Downloads: 208
[texts]Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, February 1921
Vol. II, No. 17. February 1921. Publisher: Robbinsdale, Minn. : W.H. Fawcett
Keywords: American wit and humor; Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang
Downloads: 70
[texts]True Detective Mysteries, May 1927
True Detective MysteriesVol. VII, No. 2. May 1927Publisher: New Metropolitan Fiction, Inc., Jamaica, NY
Keywords: true crime magazine; fiction
Downloads: 204
[texts]Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, January 1921
Vol. II, No. 16. January 1921. Publisher: Robbinsdale, Minn. : W.H. Fawcett
Keywords: American wit and humor; Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang
Downloads: 66
[texts]Jim Jam Jems, May 1922
Jim Jam Jems by Jim Jam Junior, May 1922Publisher: Sam H. Clark, Bismark, North Dakota
Keywords: Editorials
Downloads: 53
[texts]True Detective Mysteries, November 1925
True Detective MysteriesVol. IV, No. 2. November 1925Publisher: New Metropolitan Fiction, Inc., Jamaica, NY
Keywords: true crime magazine; James Bluebeard Watson; Authur Guy Empey; George Edward Whitfield
Downloads: 212
[texts]True Detective Mysteries, July 1926
True Detective MysteriesVol. V, No. 4. July 1926Publisher: New Metropolitan Fiction, Inc., Jamaica, NY
Keywords: true crime magazine; William Desmond Taylor; Harvey Church; James Bluebeard Watson; Preston Langley Hickey
Downloads: 345
[texts]True Confessions, August 1922
True Confessions, Vol. 1. No. 1, August 1922Publisher: Fawcett PublicationsThis is the very first issue of the long-running magazine.
Keywords: Fiction
Downloads: 84
[texts]Amazing Stories v68n09 1994 Winter (Ziff Davis
Amazing Stories v68n09 1994 Winter (Ziff Davis
Keywords: innkeeper; glengarth; stecker; kip; tilitha; prospero; eben; mizer; hinch; blue hands; jack williamson; eben mizer; total recall; nameless woman; lake geneva; ice gods; secret agent; chambered nautilus; elisabeth vonarburg
Downloads: 379
[texts]Amazing Stories v49n04 (1976 01.Ultimate)
Amazing Stories v49n04 (1976 01.Ultimate)
Keywords: snowfire; levenson; cranston; amazing; barr; triegloff; bodine; fiction; evelyn; big sister; science fiction; judge gould; dark destroyer; black hole; jan david; computer cried; amateur press; space gate; sister eve
Downloads: 291
[texts]Amazing Stories v37n09 1963.09 images
Amazing Stories v37n09 1963.09 images
Downloads: 205
[texts]Amazing Stories v36n07 1962 07
Amazing Stories v36n07 1962 07
Keywords: foster; stories; amazing; hippiness; looked; clifton; trace; tion; amazing stories; foster looked; thejah doris; solar system; science fiction; harold worthington; aaaazing stories; worthington smith; wheel chair; tark horde
Downloads: 294
[texts]Amazing Stories v28n01 March 1954
Amazing Stories v28n01 March 1954
Keywords: buck; gun; wetzel; amazing; donegal; stories; eyes; williams; stared; amazing stories; mark williams; edith williams; double spy; ben randolph; white man; twenty years; buck tarrant; male principle; cuckoo clock
Downloads: 282
[texts]Amazing Stories v27n06 1953.08 09 images
Amazing Stories v27n06 1953.08 09 images
Downloads: 152
[texts]Amazing Stories v27n04 (1953 04.Ziff Davis)(Gorgon776)
Amazing Stories v27n04 (1953 04.Ziff Davis)(Gorgon776)
Keywords: coburn; kalmar; dillon; reynolds; hoyt; greek; janice; invaders; amazing; amazing stories; greek general; project nightmare; mars confidential; ego alter; space ship; american colonel; shook hands; long time; kalmar felt
Downloads: 214
[texts]Amazing Stories v26n01 1952 01 images
Amazing Stories v26n01 1952 01 images
Downloads: 197
[texts]Amazing Stories v25n02 1951 02 260
Amazing Stories v25n02 1951 02 260
Keywords: rand; hayward; dunn; clara; karn; dimpo; crag; carstairs; burton; amazing stories; duma shor; red malumby; jake frederickson; celestial hammer; stocky man; aaron varik; faye manning; soft voice; science fiction
Downloads: 314
[texts]Amazing Stories v23n02 (1949 02.Ziff Davis) c2c (ufikus DPP).rar
Amazing Stories v23n02 (1949 02.Ziff Davis) c2c (ufikus DPP).rar
Downloads: 97
[texts]Amazing Stories v22n08 230 1948 08
Amazing Stories v22n08 230 1948 08
Keywords: ship; welmer; jack; irwin; veblen; insect; arturo; cliff; steve; amazing stories; human race; space ship; star ship; insect people; years ago; solar system; long ago; irwin crabtree; inertial mass
Downloads: 224
[texts]Amazing Stories v22n06 228 1948 06
Amazing Stories v22n06 228 1948 06
Keywords: stacey; gorgon; koryl; zarduc; tobin; kerson; willard; uncle; stories; amazing stories; uncle willard; ocean den; ice city; sam wilton; general galway; bubble ship; upper olin; control room; twisted arm
Downloads: 218
[texts]Amazing Stories v21n07 (1947 07.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v21n07 (1947 07.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: dall; frontenac; melgard; ellen; evers; ship; dorn; halvar; selby; amazing stories; hidden city; ellen pancrest; green eyes; clay dorn; dall knew; space ship; human race; dark eyes; dall realized
Downloads: 212
[texts]Amazing Stories v21n06 (1947 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v21n06 (1947 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: ancient; eemeeshee; ray; men; rays; caverns; great; cavern; tanil; amazing stories; red legion; red men; elder race; great deal; measured mass; surface people; shaver mystery; long ago; lane knew
Downloads: 228
[texts]Amazing Stories v21n04 (1947 04.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v21n04 (1947 04.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: gil; philip; wilbur; moon; diana; benson; space; rocket; earth; amazing stories; gil benson; space ship; greatest press; miracle man; blue eyes; press agent; ruth delano; atomic power; professor crowley
Downloads: 169
[texts]Amazing Stories v21n02 (1947 02.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v21n02 (1947 02.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: jon; norton; maddox; murian; vartha; karl; eyes; witson; drego; amazing stories; karl maddox; jon felt; baltu calthon; jon heard; jon stared; tall man; jon turned; jon glanced; half dozen
Downloads: 379
[texts]Amazing Stories v21n01 (1947 01.Ziff Davis) (cape1736)
Amazing Stories v21n01 (1947 01.Ziff Davis) (cape1736)
Keywords: lor; kuntz; stories; shaky; mena; ship; barcole; marcia; wilson; amazing stories; captain kuntz; mind rovers; jerry ferber; adam barcole; planet three; alligator gar; solar system; left arm; silver belle
Downloads: 243
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n09 (1946 12.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n09 (1946 12.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: walker; brawn; freeman; tanner; salund; waunu; jimmy; eyes; stared; amazing stories; nick freeman; bob walker; wild bill; salund mar; king arnoo; joe spence; hevi enn; bill hall; jimmy tracer
Downloads: 183
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n08 (1946 11.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n08 (1946 11.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: sathanas; waring; brady; aesir; stories; arl; henry; amazing; slim; amazing stories; lord fennel; atala rim; henry morely; great fish; haunted metropolis; side street; long time; shaver mystery; lady arl
Downloads: 223
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n07 (1946 10.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n07 (1946 10.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: numar; professor; bailey; senator; betty; green; man; harry; mister; green man; professor bailey; amazing stories; senator hoolihan; mister numar; talent scout; los angeles; chief andrews; young flying; harry hopper
Downloads: 202
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n06 (1946 09.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n06 (1946 09.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: finite; reeba; brack; space; stories; arny; cardinal; earth; amazing; amazing stories; earth slaves; cardinal number; ben uniaty; infinite number; finite number; cosmic sisters; atomic bomb; elder race; brown landone
Downloads: 194
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n04 (1946 07.Ziff Davis)(cape1736 ufikus)
Amazing Stories v20n04 (1946 07.Ziff Davis)(cape1736 ufikus)
Keywords: ancient; rockwell; arny; hubbard; hecate; smith; eyes; ceulna; venus; amazing stories; witch queen; amazins stories; john mccabe; damper ray; phillip jorgens; joe smith; yellow eyes; salt lake; years ago
Downloads: 172
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n03 (1946 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n03 (1946 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: stufa; gilhooley; francisca; agharti; mulligan; pug; voland; stood; eyes; amazing stories; galdra simir; lost souls; pastor eckard; amazins stories; years ago; dublin players; brothers shenanigan; long time; venus calendar
Downloads: 346
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n02 (1946 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n02 (1946 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: bonur; senator; ancient; evil; dinkle; ray; surface; brack; nake; amazing stories; surface men; dick vey; ben uniaty; atom war; atomic bomb; surface people; long ago; watch ray; science fiction
Downloads: 168
[texts]Amazing Stories v20n01 (1946 02.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v20n01 (1946 02.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: king; avena; skeel; akbad; carson; jotun; akkan; explorers; vanue; amazing stories; sin yul; herbert prentiss; micro race; glass bubble; shaver mystery; final victim; black prince; billiard ball; magnetic force
Downloads: 180
[texts]Amazing Stories v19n04 1945 12 cape1736
Amazing Stories v19n04 1945 12 cape1736
Downloads: 146
[texts]Amazing Stories v19n03 1945 09 cape1736
Amazing Stories v19n03 1945 09 cape1736
Downloads: 139
[texts]Amazing Stories v19n02 (1945 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v19n02 (1945 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: stumpy; pollock; bryce; felix; stories; amazing; faye; shaver; marston; amazing stories; ben addis; scarlet swordsmen; thought records; eve graham; stumpy looked; years ago; radiant rock; val roman; tellus city
Downloads: 214
[texts]Amazing Stories v19n01 1945 03 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v19n01 1945 03 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: rand; mason; stories; amazing; frazer; sand; freaze; atlan; eyes; amazing stories; tean city; life forms; edward english; mutan mion; black comet; double trouble; sue fletcher; black death; waldo frazer
Downloads: 197
[texts]Amazing Stories v18n05 1944 12 cape1736
Amazing Stories v18n05 1944 12 cape1736
Downloads: 138
[texts]Amazing Stories v18n04 1944 09 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v18n04 1944 09 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: garth; prune; reggie; dawson; herkles; stories; rice; fletcher; terry; amazing stories; private prune; jim rice; thinking cap; percival prune; star base; sergeant rice; major lionhead; star ship; captain talbot
Downloads: 199
[texts]Amazing Stories v18n03 (1944 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v18n03 (1944 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: ames; wylie; headless; jimmy; buck; scotty; murchison; tom; stories; amazing stories; headless man; judge averill; silver spoon; buck wylie; rake allan; sue wylie; berry gauge; amazins stories; spoon special
Downloads: 191
[texts]Amazing Stories v18n02 1944 03 Cape1736
Amazing Stories v18n02 1944 03 Cape1736
Downloads: 104
[texts]Amazing Stories v18n01(1944 01.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v18n01(1944 01.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: rick; latimer; phillip; bill; agar; robot; eyes; simar; stories; amazing stories; von schultz; captain malcolm; doctor farrel; reverend john; phantom city; mad robot; john stevens; eternal storm; bill van
Downloads: 185
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n10 1943 11 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v17n10 1943 11 (Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: brewster; abbott; akar; jev; tbe; tlie; empire; jegga; eyes; amazing stories; nick brewster; inner city; force wall; brewster looked; joe abbott; amazins stories; captain smith; brewster knew; brewster stood
Downloads: 344
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n09 (1943 09.Ziff Davis)(FIXED)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v17n09 (1943 09.Ziff Davis)(FIXED)(cape1736)
Keywords: cardigan; nason; bennett; wright; torgan; zender; amazing; stories; latvu; amazing stories; reverend zender; gregg nason; invincible city; venus maiden; cap hutch; jack wright; von block; young man; cardigan looked
Downloads: 163
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n08 1943 08.v17n08(Ziff Davis
Amazing Stories v17n08 1943 08.v17n08(Ziff Davis
Keywords: reagan; varsag; steiner; wong; captain; martin; smith; prager; professor; amazing stories; captain barker; second experiment; john smith; stone goddess; frances walker; conny martin; jim delancey; doug shattuck; channing walker
Downloads: 432
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n07 1943 07 cape1736
Amazing Stories v17n07 1943 07 cape1736
Downloads: 131
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n06 (1943 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v17n06 (1943 06.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: kirk; vorosh; allison; brent; martin; stories; amazing; vanja; earth; amazing stories; tanya hillson; earth stealers; von holder; professor haycox; captain susuma; sergeant carter; lester allison; battering ram; kirk riley
Downloads: 173
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n05 (1943 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Amazing Stories v17n05 (1943 05.Ziff Davis)(cape1736)
Keywords: burke; vorosh; ricardo; dinakki; jamie; willie; aben; vans; stories; amazing stories; willie mills; toy train; pete vorosh; warrior queen; twisted giant; light rays; floating skull; burke donlevy; marshall wells
Downloads: 164
[texts]Amazing Stories v17n04 1943 04 cape1736
Amazing Stories v17n04 1943 04 cape1736
Downloads: 133
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